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Here is a sneak peak of my latest completed project.  It features my one of my favorite fabrics, there are many.

Since the project features plaid it is a bit trickier.  I feel successful in saying that I was able to line the plaid up pretty darn well.  I will post more about the project soon.


Yes, that’s right queen size.  That is the size of my next quilt.  Adventurous? Yes.  Fun?  Yes.  Absolutely crazy? Double Yes!

I am excited about this quilt for two reasons.

1. It is the first quilt where I have mixed prints from different designers.  Within the quilt there is a little bit of Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Jennifer Paganelli, Erin McMorris, and other designers.  In my past quilts I have used all of my fabric from the same fabric line.  This results in a very matchy, matchy quilt.  By using different designers, and fabric lines my quilt is going to be much more mismatched which is exactly what I am looking for.

2. This is the first quilt where I am not using a pattern or remaking a quilt I’ve seen.  I am currently just focusing on one block at a time and seeing what happens.

Plus it is the biggest quilt I will have ever made.  So I guess that is 3 firsts.  It is going to be made up of 16 large squares like below.  No borders, just pure craziness and chaos.  So here I go …

I just finished knitting a hat for a friend.  Here it is …

I just have to say there is something calming and fun about knitting stripes even when the strands of yarn get tangled like they always do.

NOTE: The colors in the pictures are brighter than in life.