My macarons came out with feet and lots of them!! Woooh!  For those of you who don’t speak macaron, feet are the ruffly edge at the bottom, and they are kind of a big deal or so I have read.


I have to say macarons are the scariest cookie I have made.  Reading about them almost frightened me out of making them. They are also the cookie that involves the most waiting. Waiting for the eggs to age … waiting for the shells to develop a film before baking … waiting for them to be refrigerated for 24 hours before eating.  I have to admit I couldn’t wait that long to eat them and props to anyone who can wait that long.  Anyone who is considering making them, but is worried just do it!! They are delicious.  While my macarons look nothing like the perfect ones you buy in stores (just look at the really tiny ones below), they were tasty, and I had to stop myself from eating all of them.


I used the chocolate macaron recipe in Master the Macaron.   This is a really helpful intro to macarons.  Next I am going to try the lemon ones.