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What do you get when you combine 5 bags of Reese’s, two blocks of dark chocolate, and a jar of peanut butter? This masterpiece.

I made this cake for my brother’s graduation party.  He was a big fan of the Reese’s engulfed in a cookie cookies, but I wanted to make something a little fancier for his party.  Plus I figured you couldn’t go wrong with this many Reese’s, and it looks pretty darn cool.

A neighbor of mine even described it as breathtaking.  I have to say it is pretty funny to hear an 18-year-old guy describe a cake as breathtaking.  So if you want a breathtaking, peanut butter/chocolate overload cake, here it is.

I used Bakerella’s recipe.  While this cake is faster because it is made with cake mix, cutting up and placing all the Reese’s takes a long while.  My biggest suggestion is that you buy the new mini mini Reese’s that come unwrapped in a bag because I can’t imagine how long it would have taken if I had had to unwrap them all.  Also buy 6 bags if you plan on snacking cause I used every single one in the 5 bags (total it made a 2 layer 9-inch cake and 24 cupcakes).


Lately, I have been baking but not blogging so here is a bit of a catch up.



AMAZING Lemon Macarons!  These were all gone by the next morning.  Once again made using Master the Macaron.  The lemon curd is delicious and makes a ton.  I am going to be pulling the extra lemon curd out of my freezer any day now to make some more lemon macarons.




Red Velvet Cupcakes. These were good, but not great.  While the frosting was amazing, the cake was nothing special.  I have yet to find a really good red velvet cake recipe.  Any suggestions?





Baking Samoas Cupcakes with a friend.  I was told these were one of the best cupcakes I had ever made.  They were a delicious and fun interpretation of the girl scout cookie.  My only warning is to be ready for one really sweet cupcake.  The recipe is from Sugar Duchess.  The only change I made was melting milk chocolate chips in the microwave instead of making a chocolate fudge sauce.  Simpler and just as delicious.

Have fun baking!