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I make a smoothie every morning.  I put orange juice, frozen berries and mango, a banana, and yogurt in mine.  I think frozen fruit is the best because then you don’t have to add ice and still get a thick smoothie.  I don’t really think it is a smoothie unless it is really nice and thick … otherwise isn’t it just juice?

Too bad I have yet to figure out how to make a smoothie for one.  Above is the closest I have ever gotten to making the right amount, and clearly it isn’t.  Luckily I have a brother around who is always willing to drink the extra smoothie.

What do you put in your smoothies?


I am a big fan of the current maxi length trend. I love how comfy maxi dresses and skirt are.  It’s perfect for when you feel like wearing pjs or sweats but that’s just not appropriate.

So this skirt is simple.  It’s made up of two squares and a piece of elastic … nothing fancy.  Weirdly enough the quick sewing projects like elastic skirts, that are simple and don’t involve patterns are the ones I wear the most.  Plus this skirt was made even easier by the fact that I used my serger to do the gathers.  I just turned the dial to the highest tension and used that to determine how big to make my square.  I literally didn’t cut the fabric (with the exception of the waistband) until I hemmed it.

I have to say sewing this fabric was not fun.  I am not sure exactly what the content is (I got it from Joann’s a while back as a whim purchase) but I am pretty sure it is something like 100% polyester or something man-made.  The only thing that is good about the fabric is I will never ever have to iron it.

If you haven’t made a maxi skirt or dress I highly suggest you give it a try.  Something simple like this is a great simple project that makes a statement.