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I just finished knitting a hat for a friend.  Here it is …

I just have to say there is something calming and fun about knitting stripes even when the strands of yarn get tangled like they always do.

NOTE: The colors in the pictures are brighter than in life.


Don’t you just love starting a new project?  Well here is my latest project.   


It is the Purl Bee’s Rochefort Chapeau.  This will be the third hat I have made with this pattern, and I plan on making a fourth one after this.  The yarn I am using is Alchemy Yarns Temple. 

Currently, hats would be my favorite project to knit.  I love knitting hats because they are great short projects that don’t require a lot of yarn and that allow you to try out a new knitting technique without committing to a large project such as a sweater.  For example when I wanted to learn Fair Isle I tried it out on a hat first to learn the technique.  I’ll keep you updated on how the hat progress, but I expect to be finished with it pretty quickly.